Not pictured: Sydney Fishman, Murphy Hughes, and Spencer Dowell.  From Right to Left: Casey Borovsky, Caroline Berkman, Katie Abrams, Tyler Froelich, and Jake Abrams

Katie Abrams is a Senior at North Shore Country Day. Katie is on the tennis team and spends most of her time volunteering for not for profit organizations. Katie is passionate about helping the environment and fighting for human rights and hopes to spread the message even further through standing up for future generations.

Caroline Berkman is a freshman at the University of Maryland in the fall. She is excited to work on Born To Be Tees at Maryland and hopefully expand the business into the Washington D.C area. Caroline is excited to work with a group of peers that all feel that it is time to start recognizing major social issues and let everyone know that the next generation is here and is ready to speak up.

Casey Borovsky is a senior at Deerfield High School. Along with playing on the varsity tennis team, Casey enjoys spending time working with kids with special needs. Casey is excited to work towards supporting a cause that is so important to her.

Jake Abrams is a senior at Highland Park High School. Jake is on the tennis team and is also interested in entrepreneurship. Raised in an activist household, Jake has been speaking truth to power since he was in a onesie himself.

Tyler Froelich is a freshman attending  Indiana University. Tyler is enjoying her first year at the university, and looks forward to bringing awareness to the women’s rights issues in our society today through baby onesies.

Murphy Hughes is a junior at Highland Park High School. Murphy participates in the dance program at Highland Park and was on the Junior Varsity tennis team. She also volunteers her time with the Dancer-To- Dancer program. Murphy is passionate about raising money and awareness for important causes through Born To Be Tees and is excited to help future generations.

Spencer Dowell is a sophomore at Highland Park High School. Spencer is a member of Highland Park's Model United Nations Club and is currently on the volleyball team. Spencer holds a genuine interest in the betterment of the world and believes that baby onesies are a great way to raise awareness and make a real difference.

Sydney Fishman is a junior at Highland Park High School. Sydney is on the Highland Park dance team, Jammers, and also enjoys teaching young kids in her community to dance. Sydney is looking forward to reaching out and helping raise awareness through the power of baby onesies.